FOOD TRUCKS are one of the fastest growing business opportunities

Mobile Food Vendor Business

The food industry is a large and demanding multi-billion dollar industry offering jobs to millions of people worldwide and the mobile food truck business is a part of that powerful industry. Opportunities and potential profits exist everywhere in the food industry.

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Hungry Customers Lining Up to be Served at Food Carts

If you are consistent, patient, dedicated, and enjoy working with food, starting your own food truck business may be your ideal career. You can decide whether you want to sell cupcakes, hot dogs, French fries or even any type of specialty food like a gourmet food truck business; it’s all up to you.  You’ll need to start with a mobile food truck business plan, such as that created with the guidance we give you on this site, since if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!  Start out with a plan in mind!

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A Food Cart Business Can Choose to Sell Almost Any Type of Food

Food vendors are often also referred to as street vendors and since your customers are usually always
on-the-go, they are known to be a little impatient. A vendor’s goals should include satisfying customer
demands as quickly as possible while maintaining high quality standards as a priority.

History Of The Mobile Food Truck Business

Hot Dog Cart Business in the Early Days

Hot Dog Cart Business in the Early Days

While it might seem as though the food truck business is one that has emerged only in recent days, with the advent of technology allowing food to be cooked on the go, this is far from the truth. Looking back at history, you can see that mobile food has always been available, and has only recently reached a broad consumer consciousness. While this does not mean that food trucks and stands are less refined or delicious, their novelty and speed can make them seem as though they are different – and they are.

The Mobile Food Truck Business isn't a Recent Idea

The Mobile Food Truck Business has Been Around for Some Time…

The mobile food truck business began as early as the days of the chuckwagon. This approach to food offered people the chance to have food come to them, instead of them having to seek it out, hunt it, gather it, and to cook it. One could say that the mobile food market began with the rush of immigrants into the United States. With so many cultures converging in one place, there were opportunities to make money in a new land, cooking the foods of one’s native country. Not only did this allow for entrepreneurs to make money, but it also allowed for immigrants to make a place for themselves in a new world. Many of the immigrants who landed on Ellis Island decided to start food trucks and to take on food truck jobs. What was different about these carts was that the customers would often buy the foods and then take them home to prepare and to cook. Today, this additional step is removed from the process, helping people get the food they want to eat and then eat it on the spot.

The Food Truck Business Today

Today, the mobile food truck has come a long way, with innovations in new technology that provide consumers access to all types of food. According to the latest figures, there are about 3 million (and counting) food trucks in the United States alone. This number continues to grow as people begin to see the value of mobile food and the mobile food market.

 The Demand for Food

There is a Demand for Good Food at Fair Prices – No Matter Where You Are

The hunger for good food at fair prices, no matter where you are, is a desire that apparently isn’t easily sated. That’s good news for the budding entrepreneur like you. There is still time to stake your claim in this burgeoning marketplace. There are more niches and more possibilities to grow a successful mobile food truck business than ever. As with any good recipe, you need to start with the finest ingredients, and first step in this case is gaining a sound understanding of this business and how you fit into it. Food vendors are to expect rush hours, just like in any other business, and are to be prepared for these busy periods. Food vendors can sometimes prepare various products and keep them hot for instant delivery; however it should be noted that customers prefer freshly cooked food and so should any vendor, as any food that’s been held too long loses its freshness and perceived quality.

It’s also important to take into account the size of food cart, food truck or other vehicle as storage and holding capacity may be limited and not designed to store a whole lot of products as well as equipment.

Starting a Food Truck Business

Starting a business in the street food industry – be it a food truck, food cart, kiosk or concession trailer can be a very enticing, lifestyle-changing experience with increasing profit potential.

Hot Dog Cart Business

Hot Dog Cart Business in the Big Apple

There will always be a growing demand for street food and mobile food trucks and the industry has experienced unprecedented publicity as food trucks in every city are pleasing fans and drawing media attention. Consider the explosion of small boutique food businesses within the market: there are now more specialty food producers, food distributors, farmers’ markets, home-based “cottage” food producers, internet-only outlets, artisan providers, etc. than ever before. In terms of mobile food vendors, there are millions of trucks, carts and kiosks across the United States and millions more worldwide.

“If you are consistent, patient, dedicated, and enjoy working with food, starting your own food truck business may be your ideal career.”

What’s remarkable about all of these new niche operations is that while they are competition for traditional food producers, they are actually good for aspiring businesses. The trend toward small, handmade, unique and often gourmet is due in part to the greater availability of these products in the marketplace.

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