LA Food Trucks – No City Tops These Wonders on Wheels

LA food trucks are almost a sort of wonder to those coming from smaller cities in the United States. No city tops Los Angeles, Calif. when it comes to variety and quality in the restaurant business, and those of the mobile type are of no exception! Based on our research, we’ve compiled a list of the top rated food trucks in the city, and what sets them apart from the “average joe’s.”

Best Food Trucks Los Angeles

El Chato Taco Truck – Acclaimed by most locals as the best of LA food trucks. Freshly chopped vegetables in a food truck? The mobile chefs at El Chato Taco won’t mind if you glance through their oversized window to see them serve up fresh meals, as they’re known by the locals for having one of the cleanest, freshest and most delicious food trucks in the city. Locals say its food tastes healthier and less greasy, and many just can’t say no to the special sauce. They serve a variety of meats in burritos, tacos, quesadillas and more. They even serve up old fashioned Coca-Cola in glass bottles. A big hit for students at UCLA, the food truck seems to be an undisputed favorite. As with many of the best food trucks, its most common complaint (and perhaps the only complaint) is that the truck just isn’t always there when your cravings hit! Secret tip: We heard this truck was cash only, so keep cash on hand if you’re heading down to LA. You may not forgive yourself otherwise.

LA Food Trucks - El Chato Taco Truck

El Chato Taco Truck Rates #1


Kogi BBQ – Serving Korean marinated meats and tofu, customers are given a choice between tacos, quesadillas and sliders for the savory meats. The dish receiving the most chatter, the Kimchi Quesadilla, has locals confused over how Kogi BBQ manages to melt all of its unique flavors for a delicious and somewhat Korean-Mexican experience. One of the few top trucks who accepts debit and credit cards, this is a great place to hit on a whim with no cash in hand. Locals complain about the long wait for this truck, although service is pretty fast. Kogi does a great job at handling what sometimes appears to be unmanageably long lines. With its cultish following, Kogi is a close tie for favorite among LA food trucks.

Mariscos Jalisco – It’s no secret Los Angelenos love Tacos. While researching different food trucks in Los Angeles, we quickly found the city’s most common food truck dishes are tacos. That doesn’t mean they are all the same, however, as one would quickly find simply traveling from El Chato Taco Truck to Mariscos Jalisco. Mariscos Jalisco serves a local favorite: shrimp tacos. In fact, this truck’s entire specialty is seafood tacos. Some have a kick of hot flavor, but locals don’t seem to be complaining about it!

Curbside Cravings – Heaping portions of Filipino food set this truck apart from other LA food trucks. Locals say the owners are some of the friendliest in town, and their menu includes an assortment of barbecue items, some of which are seasonal. Lobster balls, barbecue sticks, tocino burgers and tocino plates are some of the truck’s hottest selling items. Their fresh, cold mango juice is refreshing for hot LA days, and some claim it’s a secret recipe.

Curbside Cravings

Heaping portions of Filipino food set this truck apart from other LA food trucks.


Slanging Corea – This melting pot serves burgers, grilled cheeses (some with pork), dumplings, burritos, vegetables and more. Described well as a Korean fusion truck, fresh Kimchi is a must have at this local hot spot. Long lines are an obvious plague for most of these big hit restaurants, but service here is quick, so you have more time to enjoy things like their fabulous Korean Beef Barbecue Rice and friendly, down-to-earth customer service.

LA food trucks are almost a sort of wonder to those coming from smaller cities in the United States.


Arroy Food Truck – Thai Wings, Pork-belly Sliders, Thai Curry Chicken, Garlic Fries and even Thai Tea set this food truck apart from several in the area. Considered an Asian Fusion food truck, this truck changes its menu as often as daily, so locals come back for more and more, never tiring of the dishes. Humorously, yet oddly commonly, described as “Heaven in your mouth,” the only complaint locals seem to have about Arroy is the wait. The wait, of course, is caused by its loyal customers who claim to be addicted to their Sliders.

Arroy Food Truck - a Food Trucks Los Angeles Fav

LA Food Trucks Fav : Arroy Food Truck


The Lobos Truck – Who can resist an All American Burger? Not Los Angeles customers. At the Lobos Truck, they take a traditional sandwich to another level. Fried eggs on your burger? Check. Multiple cheeses? Absolutely. A fresh bun? Of course. It’s difficult to call anything American without adding bacon, so the Little Lobos Burger hits all of your favorites, piling them onto a fresh bun with their big smiling faces and friendly attitudes. This truck falls under the “Traditional American,” category, and we think among LA food trucks, it’s one of the best in its category.

The Grilled Cheese Truck – Almost every restaurant or fast food establishment in LA has a specialty, and LA food trucks are no exception. The All American grilled cheese has met its match, as the Grilled Cheese Truck offers a number of bizarre, though delicious, improvements. Whether you prefer rib meat on your grilled cheese, or macaroni and cheese with barbecue pork, you’re sure to find it here. While most food trucks skip the famous side dish of tomato soup with their grilled cheeses, the Grilled Cheese Truck conquered it. After what may be the world’s most unique grilled cheese, the staff will likely invite you to add a desert – a S’mores Sandwich.

Gus’s Lunch Box – Carne Asada fries, Burritos, Enchiladas, Mulitas and Chicken Tacos keep this Mexican food truck’s customers loyal. Customers say it’s no secret this is old-fashioned greasy, stick-to-the-hips kind of delicious. We think there’s a reason it’s a compliment and not a complaint. Secret tip: According to our research, of all the LA food truck locations this location charges a small fee if you aren’t paying in cash.

LA Food Trucks Were First

A Smithsonian columnist traced the food truck industry back to its origins in Los Angeles. Each neighborhood has its own feel and its own interpretation of the cultures around them. The food trucks Los Angeles have a great way of reflecting that. In a city with five star restaurants, world renowned cuisine and gourmet meals served daily, the food trucks reflect all of the fine foods that are available in LA in an endless number of ways. A food trick business can be quite successful in an area so passionate about its food. LA food trucks are in a competitive market, but the market can also very rewarding.

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