Is This How Your Mobile Food Truck Business Started?!

How Does a Food Truck Business Get Started?

“You went to a local food truck meet up and instantly an idea started to grow inside you.

You started to dream of beating out the competition by starting a food truck that knocks the socks off the others you’ve tried.

Now is the time to act on that idea and dream.

If you want to learn the secret to having the crowds lining up at your food truck to taste the revolutionary culinary creations,

enjoying your awesome customer service at hard to beat prices then Mobile Food Vendor can help.

If you want to start your own successful food truck business, you need to check out to get started.”

Well, perhaps not all food carts get started this way, but many do and that’s a great thing!  But it’s a bit like buying a house when you’re away on holiday and have fallen in love with a holiday destination – is that house going to be the best investment decision you’ve ever made (read “business decision”)?

Like the holiday purchase, the decision to become a mobile food vendor can be made based on emotion and whilst you’re swept up in the romance of it all.  Now, food trucks can be lucrative, thriving and enjoyable businessed – don’t get us wrong.  But the take-away point we want to make is that more than emotion needs to be used to assess the future of your business.

The reality is that competition exists, regulations exist, the fickleness of the consumer exists, costs (including unexpected ones) exist and all of these factors and many, many  more combine and interact to create the environment in which your food truck business will operate.

Ignore any one of them at your own peril!

The Food Truck Business Plan

That’s why exists.  We aim to provide the good, the bad and the ugly of starting – or if you’re already started and operating – or succeeding in your venture.  It might sound boring and stuffy to some to sit down and do paperwork, but it doesn’t have to be like that.  Firstly, you don’t have to do it on paper!  Hop on the laptop, computer, mobile device – whatever – and jot down your ideas.  In fact, your business plan doesn’t even need to be made up of sentences and paragraphs, really.  It certainly needs to be understandable, but what’s wrong with ‘dot points’?  Just get started with some research, like the guidance we’ve provided on this site.

Don't stress about business planning

Don’t stress about your food truck business plan, just get something reasonable jotted down.

As the old saying goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”, so set aside at least an  hour, grab a snack and a drink, find somewhere that you won’t be disturbed and turn of all outside distractions.  Then start on a list of all of the things you’ll have to consider to make your food truck business a success – not just the romantic and emotional side (but that is really, really important!  that’s what is going to make you stand out from your competition!)  but also the things you have no control over.  The things in your environment that you have no control over exist whether you want them to or not and how you manage those risks will be the make or break of your business.

“Don’t stress about your food truck business plan, just get something reasonable jotted down.”

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